Different Truck Mountings You Can Use For Versalift Attachments

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Different Truck Mountings You Can Use For Versalift Attachments

24 August 2019
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Versalifts are more than cherry picker buckets and mobile extending arms. They are less than scissors lifts and cranes. Somewhere in the middle, you have the Versalift, which is a large open-framed bucket with individual controls at the helm of the "bucket" and an extending arm that does more than extend. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is the fact that these lifts can be installed on a variety of vehicles. Different truck mountings allow you to customize this lift to suit your company's needs and daily operations. Take a look at some of the possible options for truck mountings, with zero compromise in three-hundred-sixty-degree mobility and upward movement of the lift. 

Cargo Vans

Mounted to the very center of the roof of a cargo van, the lift and the person or persons in its "bucket" are balanced and held aloft by the weight of the cargo van directly underneath the pivoting arm. The van will not tip because of its own weight and because of the position of the mounted lift. The only thing your employees need to keep in mind is that no more weight than that equal to two full-grown men should ever be in the bucket. 

Utility Trucks

Utility trucks, the kind that have storage cabinet after storage cabinet mounted to the sides of the truck bed, can also support a lift of this kind. There just has to be enough room in the center partition of the truck bed for the rotational base of the lift. When the arm folds down, it has to fit in this stretch of space in between the mounted storage cabinets to the sides and stretch of open truck bed from front to back. 

Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

A heavy duty pickup truck, one that has four wheels in back and two up front, can also maintain the lift with no real issues. You may need to remove the drop gate of the truck to accommodate the folded arm and lift "bucket," but this type of truck will do just fine. Lighter pickup trucks are not recommended. 

Flatbed Pulled by a Semi

This is one of the more creative ways to haul a product like Versalift, but it still works. The lift is mounted about a third of the way down the flatbed trailer away from the back of the semi cab. This allows the lift plenty of room to pivot all the way around and still fold down into resting position, supported by the flatbed. 

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