Global Group has a presence in almost the entire spectrum of infrastructure activities in India. Global Group is now emerging as a leader in its business field by continuously delivering its world class services in the areas of Civil Engineering Projects. Creation of the Global Group has been on the anvil for a long time requirement of homes with world class trend facilities in India and was finally set up in the year 2011. With ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Global Infratown Pvt. Ltd. is also recognized by the Government of India as “Real Estate Company”.
The Global Infratown has been long associated with premium real estate with world-class ambience and luxurious living.
Over the years, Global Group has made a mark with some landmark projects and engineering marvels. Seeing an opportunity in Aligarh City, the company made a conscious decision to execute major works in Aligarh, UP. True to its motto, “Defining The New World”, Global Group stands tall on the foundation of its values – of delivering quality and excellent real estate spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction, and redefining lifestyle.

Global Group’s success stems from the professionalism and enterprise of its resources. The company’s high quality standards ensure that only the brightest talent capable of extending the value experience for its customers is retained across all its functions. From a management that’s busy, envisioning communities which will become landmarks to a design team that’s diligently focused on processing quality and luxury into every square foot of construction, quality is truly a way of life at Global.

Global Group has 150 dedicated personnel, who includes 80 engineering & Management Personnel highly skilled workmen and various dedicated site level personnel. All achievement that has been highlighted herein is a testimony of their unflinching commitment.

Global Group delivers world-class engineering & construction services. Surging ahead with presence and involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating opportunities for everyone.

Global Group has a strong commitment towards the safety of the people it interacts and has dealings with and, hence, we take extreme precaution with every piece off infrastructure we build. We believe in possibilities. Global Group hopes to empower the lives of the people connected to it. The progress of our people powers the progress of our company. Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do better, to dream bigger, and create a better future. Our responsibility, as industry leaders, drives us to be bold and embrace tougher challenges… to bond with the people for stronger relationship & commitment.

Professional work culture, Excellent Technology & Planning, Innovation, Complete Dedication, That’s how the epic of success story of Global Group goes on. Our Company’s ideological foundations in respect of commitment to time bound completion of projects and high quality construction have been the corner stones to our rapid growth consistent pursuit of customer satisfaction has won us confidence and strong belief. We have had the distinction of being associated with most of the leading Architects and Consultants of the country. Our mile stone planning will come out step by step in future projects.

Global Group has spectacular plans for the future and intends to evolve into a globally acclaimed real estate company with a dominant presence across geographies and all luxury residential projects at fantastic locations.
If you are looking for an exotic living in Aligarh, your search ends at Global Group, a company which is driven by strong fundamentals on providing real quality constructions and furnishing luxurious living spaces with elegance and finest amenities.

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Normally people have seen High-tech Cities, Townships or Group Housing in NCR Region and Territories. To fulfill the requirements of such dreams Global Group has launched its second Project Global Residency, the FIRST, the Biggest & the Highest group Housing in Aligarh with 11 & 14 story buildings. Global Residency will bring the world Class living standard in Aligarh.