Choosing An Ideal Location For A Modular Home: It's All About Delivery & Accessibility

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Choosing An Ideal Location For A Modular Home: It's All About Delivery & Accessibility

27 June 2016
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Prefabricated modular homes are ideal for people who are on a budget. Not only are they more affordable than stick-built homes, but they are energy efficient. And they are also ideal for people who want to live in a house on a steep slope in the country with magnificent views.

If you'd like to live in a modular home on a hill, it's important to choose your sloped property before you order your modular home. That way, the builder will know how small or large the modular units will need to be for the crane delivery service. Also, you'll need to make sure the semi-truck will be able to deliver the modular units to the property. Here's what you need to know.

The Building Lot

A modular home can be built on a slope. However, there will need to be a somewhat flat area for the crane to sit on as it hoists the modular units into place. Fortunately, you'll need to have the foundation leveled for the modular home anyhow, so the excavation crew will be able to carve out a spot for the crane as well.

Since you'll likely have a septic tank and well, it's important to note that the crane cannot be parked near them. And since you'll need to have those in place prior to the delivery, make sure that the leveled area for the crane is on the opposite side of the septic tank and well.

Since the crane will be hoisting units into the air, you'll need to make sure there are no overhead tree branches in the way. The modular home builder can give you an idea of how much overhead clearance the crane will need. If there are nearby trees that may pose a problem, you can hire a tree removal service prior to the delivery of the modular units.

The Staging Area

The modular units will arrive to your property on several semi-truck trailers, depending on the size of your home and how many modules are needed. This could mean that you'll have a number of semi-trucks and trailers at your property on the delivery date. Therefore, you'll need to make sure there is enough room for them to park close to where the crane will be parked, which is considered as the staging area.

Since only one trailer will be off-loaded by the crane at a time, the other trailers can be parked off-site at a nearby location if there is not enough room on your property or on the roadway in front of your property. When a trailer is emptied, it its driven out of the way and the next trailer is parked in the same spot so it can also be off-loaded.

The Delivery Route

Living out in the country could mean that the roadways to your ideal location can be difficult for semi-trucks and equipment haulers to travel on. In order for your home to be delivered to the construction site, you'll need to make sure the vehicles can actually get there, which means they won't be able to go through covered bridges or over narrow bridges. They may not be able to drive on roadways that have a thick, low tree canopy.

Curves may be problematic if they are extremely tight and narrow. Another concern is whether or not overhead power lines are in the way. When you find an ideal location, it's a good idea to inform your modular home builder first before you purchase the property so they can send someone out to determine if there is an accessible route for the delivery of the crane and modular units.

You can also talk with local crane rental services, such A C Jones Trucking Inc, for more information on how to best prepare your land for modular home delivery.