New Or Used Forklifts: Which Option Will Work Best For Your Warehouse Needs?

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New Or Used Forklifts: Which Option Will Work Best For Your Warehouse Needs?

6 March 2017
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When choosing forklifts for your warehouse, you will have to consider if you want them new, or used. The decision will have a lot to do with your budget, but you will also have to factor in long and short term costs. If you're on the fence about which way to go, here's a look at how each option can affect your warehouse operations.

Purchasing Used Forklifts

Preowned forklifts make a lot of sense budget-wise. You'll pay less up front and can even find gently used equipment in very good condition. One of the main advantages outside of price comes with the availability of parts for a used forklift.

It's far easier to find both OEM and aftermarket parts for used forklifts. The forklift itself may come with some upgrades or add-ons that you won't have to spend extra for by obtaining them yourself.

There's less overhead with used forklifts. If you need a quick purchase, then going with a used forklift is likely the fastest way to go from purchase to operation with little downtime between.

Purchasing used also comes with many extra considerations that you cannot take lightly. You will need to know

  • the service and maintenance history;
  • how the previous owner(s) made use of it;
  • under what conditions they used it;
  • how many previous owners it had;
  • and whether it was rented out or leased out before.

Keep in mind that forklift already has a shortened service life because of its preowned status. So you will have to make sure the one you're looking at has a good amount of life left in it to justify the purchase. If you purchase without care, you will see a lot of downtime for repairs.

Purchasing New Forklifts

Purchasing new forklifts comes with all the benefits you might expect.

  • Latest models
  • Newest features
  • Genuine manufacturer's parts
  • A warranty

You can take advantage of the full rated lifespans of your new forklifts. You will have fewer concerns about the health of the forklift. You can also receive a warranty with a preowned forklift, but new equipment warranties tend to last longer and cover far more eventualities.

Where You Purchase From Matters

Whether new or used, you should always purchase forklifts and construction equipment from a reputable dealer. A certified dealer works best. Barring that, look for dealers that have a good reputation and history of selling forklifts. Your dealer should have no trouble helping you figure out if new or used models will work best for your warehouse.