4 Different Types Of Cranes

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4 Different Types Of Cranes

30 March 2021
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Cranes are made to help lift and move heavy materials and are commonly used in the construction industry. There are actually lots of different types of cranes that can be used for construction jobs. Hera are a few of the top cranes types.

#1 Loader Crane

A loader crane is used to move material on and off of a trailer. A loader crane is attached to the side of a trailer and looks like a long mechanical arm. A loader crane is used specifically to take material off the trailer and put material back on the trailer. Loader cranes are capable of breaking down into a smaller shape in order to take up less space on a trailer when they are not in use. They can be used to unload construction equipment from your trailer.

#2 Truck Mounted Crane

A truck mounted crane is not attached to a truck but is rather equipped on truck tires. The truck tires are designed to make it easier to move the crane around. To make the crane stable, outriggers are used to stabilize the crane. These cranes can easily be transported and used in a wide variety of locations, making them a very popular choice due to their versatility. Truck mounted cranes can also support and move really heavy loads, another reason why they are so popular.

#3 Tower Crane

A tower crane is what a lot of people think of when they imagine a crane. A tower crane is attached to a drivable cab that can be easily moved around and positioned wherever necessary. When working on a big construction job that requires crane usage in multiple locations, a tower crane is a great solution.

Tower cranes can also reach really high up, so they are great for high-rises and other projects that require a long reach. Tower cranes are designed to reach to a specific height, so if you rent one, make sure that the one you rent is tall enough.  

#4 Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are stationary cranes that are usually set up inside of warehouses, outside of plants, or in shipyards. These are the type of cranes that you see moving shipping containers in a shipyard down by the water.

With overhead cranes, there is a hoist that is on a trolley that moves the item that is picked up back and forth on the beam itself, and the beam can also be moved around and lowered as well.

Before you get a crane rental, make sure that you know what kind of crane would work best for your job.